Saturday, December 29, 2007

Notable Vegan Dogs

In 2002 it was widely reported that "the world's oldest living dog" was a 27 year old vegan border collie named Bramble.
"Aside from luck, Bramble's secret to longevity is a vegetarian diet. Ms. Heritage is a vegan and has brought up her pooch on the same diet regime she herself follows (although Bramble does wear a fur coat-but don't go pouring buckets of red paint on her for that little violation).

"She has a big bowl of rice, lentils and organic vegetables every evening," says Ms. Heritage."

(Quote from here, check it out to read more about Bramble!)

Another long-lived vegan dog was Tykie, who inspired his mom to begin selling a vegan dog food mix that you can cook up at home. Check out Tykie's site for articles and pictures of this scruffy pooch who lived to the ripe old age of 25 (boy is he cute)!

Sable says "Check back with me in 20 years!"