Thursday, December 27, 2007


Hello! I'm Sable's mom, also known as Beth or raspberrycomplaint. Sable is my absolutely wonderful collie, whom I adopted almost 7 years ago. For the first 2 years, Sable ate a conventional diet of meat-based kibble. But then, 5 years ago, I made the decision to go vegetarian and then vegan (best decision I ever made!). This led to a dilemma: I no longer wanted to support the animal slaughter industry by buying meaty dog food, but I also wanted my dog to be happy an healthy. Could dogs possibly survive on a vegetarian or even vegan diet?

I immediately started researching the subject, only to find there weren't many resources available for people thinking of transitioning their dogs to a vegan diet. Googling "vegetarian dogs" brought up wildly conflicting opinions posted on various dog-related websites, none of which provided any constructive information to back them up. The first supportive articles I came across were on Peta's website. There I discovered two short articles (Meatless Meals for Dogs and Cats and Vegetarian Cats and Dogs) along with the Vegan Dog Health Survey. I was ecstatic, and immediately printed out the articles and survey, and put them in a special folder that I proudly marked "Vegetarian Dogs".

Through an advertising flyer for a local pet supply store, I discovered that there were actually a few brands of veg dog food already on the market, and some of these were available at my local store. I took a deep breath, bought a bag of veg kibble, and began to transition my dog to her new diet.

Meanwhile, I continued to search for any and all info related to veggie dogs. Over the years, I was able to compile quite a few useful websites, and my "Vegetarian Dogs" folder was becoming quite full. With this blog, I hope to bring all this information to you in a convenient manner. I have numerous links on the side of the blog, and will also post anything I think might be of interest to the guardians of vegan dogs. Sable is fed homemade vegan food now, so many of the posts do focus on that aspect. Popular posts include Questions & Answers, Vegan Dog Chews, Commercial Vegan Treats, and Vegan Dog Books. Of course I suggest that you read all the posts!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment. And if you just want to leave a comment to say "hi" and to talk about your veggie dog, that is great too!