Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Vegetarian Dog Health Survey

This survey was done in 1994, and was one of the first resources I came across while researching vegan dogs 5 years ago. Peta recruited members who had vegetarian/vegan dogs to answer a series of questions about their dogs' diet and how it affected the health of the dogs. You can view the survey here (PDF file). The comments by participants at the end of the survey are also interesting. This site also has the basic results information, along with helpful charts. The only potential problems they found were the need for taurine and l-carnitine supplementation, and the alkalinization of the urine in some dogs (you can read about prevention of urinary alkalinization here.) Unfortunately, a "control group" of meat eating dogs was not used in the survey, so it is difficult to compare the veg dog population to dogs on an "standard" diet. Some of the questions were also very subjective (asking the dog guardians to rate their own dogs' health as "good", "excellent", etc.) Nevertheless, the survey was an important milestone in proving that dogs could survive and thrive on a veg*n diet.

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