Friday, February 15, 2008

A Collection of Recipes

If you haven't checked out the Yummy for Dogs site, you should do so right now! They are providing vegan recipes for dogs free of charge. They even encourage you to sell their treats, as long as you give all the profits to animal rescue. This would be a great fundraiser for your local animal shelter, or you could even bring some of the cookies to the shelter to treat the homeless pups.

Their recipes are organised into the following categories: Biscuits, Entrees, Desserts and, for our non-doggie friends, Wildlife Food, Bird Food, and Rat and Mouse Food. There are also a couple of recipes for Grooming Products! It is recommended on the site that you use a supplement, such as Vegedog, with the entree recipes, as they are not formulated to be "complete and balanced".

You can also purchase the Yummy for Dogs cookbook through All proceeds are donated to animal charities! (I'm not sure if the cookbook has the same recipes as the website, but Sable and I are definitely purchasing it. The money goes to help doggies, so I recommend you purchase it too.)

P.S. Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I've been a bit too busy!

UPDATE: I got my Yummy for Dogs cookbook in the mail today. It has lots more recipes than the website, even recipes for holidays and other special occasions. All recipes are vegan, with the exception of honey in a few recipes. If you avoid honey, it would be fairly easy to replace with other natural sweeteners, most dogs aren't picky! There is also a section in the back of the book on starting your own Yummy for Dogs program to raise money for animal shelters. Two paws up!